10 Coolest Gadgets to Give to Your Girlfriend in 2020

10 Coolest Gadgets to Give to Your Girlfriend in 2020

Technologies have entered our life fully and firmly. Even if you do not plan to transform into a cyborg and implant microchips under your skin, most probably, you are an owner of a couple of new cool devices and plan to buy more of them as soon as something really catches your attention. For this reason, in the year 2020, you cannot come up with a better gift for a modern girl than a piece of technology. And we will tell you exactly what to focus attention on.

  • What are the current tech trends?

The smartphone technologies, which have been through a wave of upgrades in the past year do not even think to stop in their development. 

The first trend is the evolution of the existing form-factor of smartphones, the usual rectangular “bricks”, which every year become thinner and lighter, but at the same time more powerful and smarter, will come to a background. The most anticipated gadgets of 2020 are the Samsung Galaxy S11 flagship by default, with the camera of unprecedented capabilities, the built-in artificial intelligence (but will it help you to pickup girls in thebest chat online?) and perhaps an “infinite screen” as the one of the Vivo Nex 3.

Huawei fans, in their turn, wait for the next flagship P40 Pro and also another miracle – Huamei’s own operating system. The outcome of the trade war between the US and China was the sanction that led Huawei to dispose of Google services in its latest flagship Mate 30 Pro. The issue of Android opt-out has now become more relevant than ever.

At the same time, fans do not lose hope that it is in 2020 that Apple will finally release the long-awaited secret device that Tim Cook has long hinted at. Most likely, it will be an augmented reality helmet. Details are still unknown, but numerous gossips and leaks indicate that Apple is seeking a new niche for development. Sales of iPhones are declining, launching their own video content and gaming services does not live up to expectations.

  • 10 Coolest Gadgets to Give to Your Girlfriend in 2020

Present for a birthday, anniversary, New Year and just without a reason. Techies for any budget and occasion – we present our own list of top devices.

Motorola Razr

In fact, the $ 1500 Razr is a typical mid-range smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, which is now set to cost three times less in smartphones. However, the noise around the novelty is not related to these moments. Motorola has made it impossible by combining marketing nostalgia with futuristic new features. The outcome will amaze the most stubborn skeptics.

ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo

It consists of two screens, the second is situated in the lower half of the case, next to the traditional keyboard. It plays a much more important role than the touchpad in the latest MacBook Pro. This is not a functional addition. In particular, the screen lets you control and switch between different applications, expand video and audio editing tools, make programming add-ons more efficient, etc. The screen can display any content, and you can drag any application to the main screen.

Apple AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro have been redesigned and now have a much better fit in the ears. A significant innovation was the function of active noise cancellation. In fact, the ability of headphones to hear ambient noise and interrupt it at the right frequencies has become a major trend in the world of headphones in recent years. However, it has long been believed that this feature can only be implemented in large overhead headphones.

Although Apple is not the first company to implement active noise cancellation in compact headphones, the Cupertino guys have coped with this the best.

Vivo NEX 3

The Chinese have tried to squeeze all conceivable technologies into NEX 3, including the top processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, a powerful main camera with three modules (one of them up to 64 megapixels), a spectacular front camera (it comes out of the body from above), highlighted audiomap good headphones will appreciate it). But the main trump card of the NEX 3 is the huge 6.89-inch screen with curved edges. In fact, looking at the smartphone from the front, it seems that it has no frame at all, not counting the bits at the top and bottom.

Fossil Hybrid HR

The popular brand of watches Fossil has realized the dream of many users all over the world, creating literally the perfect smartwatch. This is essentially a regular watch with a dial and mechanical arrows. But the backdrop of the dial is an electronic paper screen that serves the display canvas for messages. The basic functionality of a smartwatch is available. The Fossil Hybrid HR connects to your smartphone (it can be either an iPhone or any Android device) via Bluetooth. There is a function of pedometer and heart rate measurement.

From a single charge, a minimalist smartwatch can last up to two weeks. At a cost of just under $ 200, the Fossil Hybrid HR looks not only an attractive buy but also a pioneer of a new trend in the smartwatch market.

iPad 7

In the year 2020, we all want as much functionality from technology as possible, while it is desirable that the gadget remains thin, flat and weighs as little as possible. For Apple, such a request seems pretty regular: the new seventh-generation iPad is now able to replace your powerful computer. Despite its capabilities, the model still retains the simplicity and versatility of the portable device. Add to that a 10.2-inch enlarged Retina display, support for the full-sized Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil and the powerful A10 Fusion processor, and forget about having to carry your laptop.

Sony SRS-XB10

Sony SRS-XB10 portable acoustics is an excellent choice for those who are always on the go: with the help of a special rubberized handle, the device can be fixed, for example, on the handlebars of a bicycle, which is especially convenient if you relax in nature. The waterproof case will not let water droplets and dust particles pass, therefore it is safe to use the music system in the open air, by the pool or by the sea.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

A gift in the form of a Samsung watch with a large and bright AMOLED screen will delight any athlete. Moreover, in the new generation of wrist gadgets, the company got rid of most of the shortcomings of previous versions. The device turned out to be relatively inexpensive, stylish in appearance and multifunctional: it is intended not only for training but also for entertainment.

Athletes will benefit from such watch functions as heart rate control, determining stress levels and tracking parameters when practicing various sports: from running and swimming to circular training and yoga. You can swim with the watch thanks to its IP68 protection class. And for quick start of measurements of the same exercise that was performed last time, the clock remembers the last set settings. The gadget runs on its own Tizen operating system and is equipped with 4 GB of permanent memory. This allows you to install additional applications and record music to the built-in drive that you can listen to during training right from the clock. The microphone enables the function of the voice control. Another feature of the model is the NFC chip, which supports the Samsung Pay payment system and is suitable for contactless payment of purchases.

JBL Endurance PEAK

Another good gift for joggers is the JBL Endurance PEAK headset. Due to the latest design adjustments, it holds even better than the previous model, providing even higher sound quality. These advantages compensate for several disadvantages of the gadget in the form of a large weight and size (unfortunately, you cannot put a hat on top of it).

Among the advantages of the headset, we should also highlight good protection against water according to the IPX7 standard, which makes them fully rain or swimming proof; and automatic inclusion when disconnecting the earhook. You can control the headset using the touch sensor on the right module, so when using only one part, you should choose an earphone with the letter R on the inside. Moreover, it contains a microphone that allows you to talk in hands-free mode.

REDMOND SkyBalance 740S

Regardless of the type of sports and goals, many lovers of an active lifestyle periodically control their weight. Weightlifters may seek to gain muscle mass; people who do fitness – get rid of a few extra pounds. The REDMOND SkyBalance 740S smart scales will be a good gift for both.

At first glance, the model is not much different from a conventional outdoor weighing device. But special software significantly increases the functionality of the scales, which can be synchronized with a smartphone and determine the number of additional indicators, in addition to body weight. Among the features of SkyBalance 740S is the calculation of BMI, the percentage of fluid and fat in the body, and the measurement of bone and muscle mass. The gadget can remember previous readings and build a graph of weight changes based on them, show the history of weighings and compare the data obtained with the goals.