10 Technological News Sure to Change Your Household’s Life

10 Technological News Sure to Change Your Household’s Life

During the entire history of humankind, we have always been dreaming about the future. Not because we have never been satisfied with our lives, but because of our desires to make our lives easier. You will be surprised to know that laziness is the main source of our inspiration engine of human progress, especially when it comes to household’s life. Furthermore, you may even want to try dating your Best Single taurus women from Ukraine for dating because of it! After all, you won’t have to waste your time and resources on finding and getting to know other people.

So, to get back to the subject, futurists from the 60s believed that in the 2000s, we would have flying cars and various robots that are going to be a part of our lives. Well, it is obvious that our expectations from the future very rarely match with reality. Today, there is no way in hell we will accept to have flying cars above our heads. After all, no one wants to deal with metal parts falling on our heads after flying cars’ crashes. Also, we are more concerned about noise and nature these days. But we do have robots! However, they don’t look like those airborne or humanoid ones.

Top 10 technologies that will change your household’s life

Even though all those futurists we wrong, and instead of domestic robots, we have social networks, streaming services, and smartphones. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are not going to have cool pieces of new technology in 2020. After analyzing the last news concerning modern cutting edge technologies, we created the list of truly cool things sure to change your household’s life. You probably have already head about some of those technologies, but if those are on our list, it means that engineers significantly improved those technologies or added new features.

  1. Voice assistants

According to experts, in the next four years, most American households will have one of those voice assistant devices. Voice assistants work thanks to voice recognition technology combined with artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning. Modern assistants use advanced technologies of cognitive computing. Those technologies allow your digital assistant to carry out multi-step tasks for you. They perform such complex tasks as booking tables in restaurants and so on. Some experts even believe that in the nearest years, we will begin interacting with technology purely trough voice. However, there are some concerns about possible privacy breaches. People believe that those devices may record their requests or just random conversations.

  • Robot assistants

Remember, about all those futurists from previous centuries who have been dreaming about robots? Our generation is the first one you will actually use those robots. For example, according to the latest news, companies like Boston Dynamics already have plans on supplying us with robots that can be used on battlefields or factories. Many other companies work on robots that can effectively operate in real work resolving real cases and situations. Surely, for now, most of their models are focused on the military on industry use. But in the next ten years, chances are very high that you will be able to buy one of those robots for domestic use.

  • Mixed and augmented reality devices

A few years ago, everyone was surprised to learn that technology giants such as Google, Apple, and numerous Chinese companies are investing billions of dollars into the development of augmented reality hardware. Given this fact, it is clear that those technologies, sooner or later, will appear in our houses. For example, modern Apple’s phones have special augmented reality capable cameras on board. Furthermore, Apple and other companies are already working on future headsets that, according to their plans, will replace smartphones. Even today, you can already use those technologies to choose furniture for your house without even buying it.

  • Regenerative medicine

This one is huge. Yes, today, it still sounds like a science fiction story, but doctors already can produce made-to-order parts of human bodies. They only need to take a small sample of cells of the required body part, and then they grow this part in a petri dish. After some time, this “artificial” body part becomes advanced enough to be implanted into the body of a living human being. Also, now, various companies are working on special medical 3D printers that are capable of printing new body parts. Scientists from all around the world expect that with time, this technology will become widespread. However, those technologies could be postponed due to the activity of religious organizations. Those believe that it is highly immoral to grow parts of the human body.

  • Vehicle autopilots

We have been using various autopilots for a very long time. For example, during the Second World war, we have already had aircrafts autopilots. The most advanced examples could even land an aircraft. Surely, today this technology is not surprising at all, and even autonomous cars don’t seem like science fiction anymore. Nowadays, we already have semi-autonomous cars produced by General Motors, Tesla, and Volvo. Yes, unfortunately, we still don’t have fully autonomous cars on our streets, but their appearance is only a matter of time. Fully autonomous vehicles will significantly change our lives.

  • Personalized medicine

Sadly, even these days, doctors from time to time, face cases when there is nothing they can do to help their patients. You see, sometimes, people have genetic mutations that cause very rare fatal diseases. Those diseases are so rare, so no one even dreamed about studying them. However, new medical technology gives hope to people who suffer from one of those so-called “too rare to care” diseases. So, according to the latest news, doctors are working on drugs that can work directly with a person’s genes. This gives a chance to fix those DNA mistakes and cure people. Unfortunately, the development of tailored drugs is very expensive. So, scientists also have to focus on making those technologies cheaper.

  • Anti-aging pills

This may sound like a scam, but first anti-aging pills have begun testing. These pills won’t allow a person to live longer but will treat specific diseases by slowing down or even reversing the process of aging. I think that we don’t need to explain why this work is very important. Recently, scientists from San Francisco reported positive results in their work with patients who suffer from medium and severe knee osteoarthritis. Of course, this technology won’t change your life pretty soon, after all, there is still a huge amount to work until we have an efficient cure, but humankind has already made the first step toward our ancient dream.

  • Tiny AIs

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a person who has never heard about AIs. However, a few people know about a fundamental problem with all our AIs. When we try to make those more powerful, we have to use more data. Thus, we need more computing power to process it all. This is why most modern AIs rely on centralized cloud services. This is a very nice solution, but it is not the most reliable and save one. Today, more and more scientists and engineers focus on the optimization of deep-learning algorithms. r devices will work longer and will be producing less heat. They aim to lower technical requirements without losing the capabilities of AIs. You will have better voice assistants, digital cameras, and autocorrect will work faster.  Plus, this will help to reduce power consumption. Thus, your devices will work longer and will produce less heat.

  • Smart things

Slowly we fill our houses with smart things. For example, smart ovens, pots light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, and even smart toothbrushes already have a place in our lives. With time, the number of those will rise significantly. Even today, people prefer to use autonomous vacuum cleaners to save their time and install smart locks to ensure their security. All those gadgets make your life easier, and allow you to spend more time on your hobbies or with your friends. However, yet, we can’t talk about fully autonomous systems. For example, you still have to prepare all ingredients before using a smart oven, and you still have to clean your autonomous vacuum cleaner from time or fill a smart pot with water.

  1. 5G

Nowadays, every progressive country works on implementing 5G technology. It is the most advanced generation of wireless communications. 5G connection will be at least 40 times faster than the currently widespread 4G LTE technology. Why do we need such a fast connection? The speed of connection is crucial for The Internet of things. It is not possible to build truly autonomous robotic systems without implementing fast and secure means of communication for those. As you have guessed, 5G networks are one of those means. However, 5G is just a beginning.  With time, we will need even faster means of wireless communication.