How to Swap A SIM on a Deceased Phone Number (MSISDN)


Many mobile number have been deceased and Retrieving the phone number (MSISDN) could be so difficult due to privacy terms and condition attached by the SIM Operator. if you know who have a deceased number or you want to gain knowledge about retrieving the deceased number then this for you. Below are the requirement needed before you proceed.

SIM swap


Requirements To Retrieve A Deceased MSISDN

All you need is to provide the below requirements and visit any MTN Customer care center with below documents to fulfill the SIM Swap Request on the deceased MSISDN

  • Death Certificate
  • Letter of Administration – the line must be mentioned as an asset in the letter of administration
  • Physical SIM (if available)
  • Valid ID of the Beneficiary
  • Valid ID of the Deceased (For foreigners; copy of passport data page, visa, document of carriage home,). Though, this is Optional.


If you are able to provide the above requirements, Take them to MTN Customer care center. They will validate the ownership of deceased number to make sure it reflects the deceased name and details.

You will be advised to return after 72 hour that is 3 days. This must have been after all necessary documentation from MTN customer care center. Now The deceased MSISDN would be re-registered after the swap is completed/successful.


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