MTN Reduces their Night Data Plan Again To 250MB


MTN Subcribers this another tragic moment for night users, as MTN keep reviewing and slashing down their night data plan without a solid reason. Night Plan has been a life saver to many as you can download huge files at cheap cost.

Sometime, August last year 2018, MTN reviewed this data and slashed it down from 500MB for N25 to 125MB to N25 and the 1GB for N50 to 500MB for N50. Presently MTN still slash down the night plan again.

You will now get 125MB for N25 and 250MB for N50. MTN night plan on Pulse tariff has been a life saver most especially to those who always see the need to download at heavy files for movies at night. But at the other hand, am suggesting Airtel, as it offers you something better; with N25, you’ll get 500MB.



MTN is gradually planning to shutdown this night plan service, Am sure next time it will be reviewed, they might likely discontinue the plan.


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