LG Starts Making Plans For 6G Network While We still waiting For 5G


We are still anticipating the 5G Technology and LG has started making plans for 6G technology. This might help revive her drowning in the mobile market.

LG has announced this week, the opening of dedicated 6G research center to ‘lead in next-generation mobile telecommunications, located in the Yuseong District of Daejeon, South Korea.

phone 6g Earth businessman connect worldwide waiter hand holding an empty digital tablet with smart and 6G network connection concept

According to LG They said;

“We want to secure core technologies for sixth generation wireless network ahead of time,”

That is using the institute personnel and infrastructure to secure the technology for the 6G. LG estimates that it will take up to 10 years before a transition from 5G to 6G could happen but it wants to “prepare for the future industry”.


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