How to hide Facebook Stories In Easy Steps


Stories on Facebook and other social networks is an awesome feature loved by many and as well hated by many. You may as well belong to the group of does who dislikes stories. Although this feature have come to stay.

But i will be showing you how you can hide this feature, However you can not disable or hide this feature by default but via an official application that Facebook offers. You will be needing the third-party app to hide the Stories. Below is how you can hide your stories;


How To Hide a Story On Facebook

  • Firstly, you need a third-party App “Download: Swipe For Android” and Install the App.
  • Open the application and on the main page, you must use the icon with three vertical points that are on the top right
  • Then a menu appears in which there are several options, go to Settings.
  • This gives you access to all the possibilities offered by Swipe, which are many and several of them are not available in the official Facebook client. In this case, look for Facebook preferences.

  • Now Under Facebook preferences, look for Hide Facebook Stories. Activate it and, as you can see, Stories will not be visible in your Feed, although it is not deleted so the information is not lost.


In addition, If you wish to reverse the setting, You follow the step above again and then toggle it to deactivate the feature. Better note that this Option is not offered in the official App, So you need to download SWIPE for a successful result.

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