Best 4 Methods On How To Hide Apps On Xiaomi Phones


Hiding Apps in xiaomi phones are very easy, In xiaomi Redmi 4 there is no direct in-built app for hiding application on your android phones. But there are always an alternative.

It is very important to hide some certain Apps like Banking Apps or other documentary and office related apps on your android phones. I will be showing you on how to hide your Apps on your xiaomi phones. Follow the method below;


Methods On How To Hide Apps On Xiaomi Redmi 4


How To Hide Apps In Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Using Second Space

There is a feature in the MIUI known as Second Space. This features allows you to create a second space on your phone. But you can use this feature to hide apps.

All you need to do is Enable the second Space from Settings -> Second Space to set it up and Move all the apps that you want hidden in there. Those apps will be made available to you only when you access the second space.

In Addition, You can also use Second Space the other way round – move apps you want to use into Second Space and keep it enabled. All the other apps are hidden unless you exit the space.


How to Hide Apps on Redmi Note 4 Using 3rd Party Apps

There are many available Third-party apps provided to hide your apps on Google play store. Open your Play store and Search for “Hide Apps“, Many will show up as some are free and others commercial and require a payment.

Some Examples of these apps are Folder Lock, App Lock, Hide It Pro and Go Incognito. The Free Apps always pops-up ads while the commercial are ads free. As well in Commercial and Free the performance and functionality differs as well.


How To Hide Apps On Xiaomi Redmi 4 By Disabling

Hiding Apps by disabling them from your phone settings is sometimes provoking because if the app uses Login the logs and data will be cleared and its logs you out. If you feel like hiding Apps using this methods;

  • Go to Settings => Apps
  • Select the App you wish to hide,
  • Tap on the App and Click on the Option labelled “Disable” The App will be hidden
  • Now Repeat the process for every app you want to hide


How To Hide Apps In Redmi Note 4 Using Launcher

Some Android launcher have these hide features enabled. An example is Apex Launcher. Download and install Apex Launcher, then go to Settings -> Drawer Settings -> Hidden apps to set which apps get get hidden from your app drawer.

There are other alternative launchers that offer a similar feature.


I hope you can now see how to hide apps on xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and How easy it is. I would strongly recommend the Second Space Method, But if you find it difficult locating and using it, Then you can go for other Alternative as shown above.


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