How To Get 4GB Data Bonus For just N200 On Airtel Network


4G Supported phones are gradually taking over. 4G network is 10x faster than 3G according to statistics. I want to show you how to get 4GB data bonus for just N200 on Airtel network and it is only available for 4G supported smartphones.

If You have 4G support phone or knows a friends who owns one. You can then proceed with this tutorial, because after this article you will be smiling with 16GB for just N600. Let proceed;


How To Get 4GB Data Bonus For just N200 On Airtel Network

  1. Buy and Register a New Airtel 4G LTE SIM for Just N200
  2. Insert the 4G LTE Airtel SIM in the 4G Supported smartphone. (You will be given 4GB data and 100% data bonus)
  3. Now You have gotten 4GB for N200, If you decide to purchase any plan, it will be doubled instantly.
  4. To Accumulate More 4GB data bonus – You need to buy more 4G LTE Airtel SIM and Repeat the step above on after the other.
  5. To Check your data bonus balance dial *140#

Flex and Enjoy while It Last.


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