How To Fix Android Phones That Won’t Charge Until Is Switched Off


Have you been faced with similar problems where by you charging your phone but after a long while you noticed, it didn’t charge at all, Unless when the smartphone is switched off then it charges just like it normal.

This could be annoying but i want to show you the possible ways to fix this problems and as well some possibilities cause of this issues;

1. The charger might be of poor quality.

2. The phone might need to go through a re-installation process of android version. (That happens for many unspecified reasons and re-installation of android generally solves those issues.)

3. The battery case inside the phone is having any kind of obstructions.

4. The adapter needs to be changed.

5. The battery is about to damage.

6. Some parts of the phone might need to be changed.


Easy Steps To Fix The Issue

Method 1: Try to get a genuine if possible Order for Original Charger although some phones select charger and yours might just be one of such phones.

Method 2: Try To Charger Power Supply: If isn’t charging then try changing the power supply that is try connecting to a laptop or directly from a power bank. if the problem is still on, there might be battery damage involved.

Method 3: Check if the OS has been updated: if it is updated, the charging current might not satisfy the new system if your phone is too old to run it. If so, try to downgrade it.

Method 4: Observe and Check If the PIN connector is Bent or Broken: Depending on the model, this pin sometimes get bent to a different position that makes charging a hassle, and changes how the phone is recognized if at all. Because of that, you can only charge the phone when it’s off.

Solution To Fix a Bent PIN

1. Power Your Phone Down

2. Examine the Port

3. Straighten out the Pin with a flat screwdriver carefully

4. Test it once done

Method 5: Formate and Reinstall: If the above steps fail to work for you then, You need to Format and Re-Install your android operating system as this will solve the issue once for all.

Hope This Helps?


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