How To Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notification Sounds On Android & iOS


Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging App on Earth. Facebook Messenger has a default sound that when it is heard in a public everyone definitely knows your data is On and there are incoming messages.

It’s left for you, if you don’t like the Messenger notification sound on your phone, i will be showing you how to disable or off the Messengers notification sound. You need to do the following below;


How To Disbale Facebook Messenger Notification Sound On Android

  • Firstly, Open the messengers App
  • Tap On the small Facebook profile photo Icon at the right hand corner of the screen ( It shows the menu settings)


  • You will see a Notification and Sounds Tab.

  • Now Tap on the Notification and Sounds (The tab opens a sub-menu with multiple toggles, including sound one)

  • Tap on the Sounds toggle to turn it off (it color will become grey instead of previous blue) As shown below

  • You successfully disabled the Sound meanwhile you will still receive notification but without sounds.
  • But You can still choose to turn off both sounds and vibration completely, by so doing, you wouldn’t know when a new incoming message arrives. Unless you do the checking manually by opening the messaging App.

How To Disable Facebook Messenger Sound On iOS

For iOS;

  • Open The messaging App
  • Tap On the Home
  • Click on the Profile Icon found at the top left hand corner on the screen.
  • Select Notification and Navigate to Notification in Messenger
  • Tap On Sound and you are done.

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