BOE Demonstrates and Shows Its own Foldable (Flexible) Display


Foldable Flexible display smartphone has been the most trending topic in the field of tech for 2019. There have been a lot of talks and complex discussions about the folds. Many are still wondering how the flat panel for the foldable phone will look like. Many are earger to know about the look, design and well as behavior. Many are topics are still on going.

boe demos

However demos like one crafted by major panel manufacturer BOE do present a rare glimpse into some piratical and real-word aspect of the technology. This are what we should expect about the flexible technology.


BOE Foldable (Flexibility) Display Specification

According to what is present, It is a Prototype AMOLED panel with a diagonal 7.65 inches and a WQHD resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. We also got some key specs which are maximum advertised brightness of 380 nits, 1ms response time, a color gamut as high as 118% on the NTSC scale.

BOE claims that their particular tech allows for the world’s smallest dynamic bend radius of just 1mm. From the information we gathered, the particular mechanism, appears to be able to fold onto itself quiet flush and neat. Other practicals aspects by BOE Ddemo offers a glimpse into include durability.

The advertised number of 100,000 bends might sound like a little, but it actually instils quite a bit of confidence in us that is should outlive the average lifespan of the rest of a high-tech consumer electronic device.

boe foldable display

Looking at the above video details the Flip side of things. It shows a bit of residual (flex) in the panel while unfolded. It also appear that the least in these early stage foldable display will suffer from picture degradation of at least some sort in fold regions.

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